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Multilingual Support

The HelpDesk Connect is multilingual software by design. A language to use is set up on per ticket basis, thus it is possible to serve international users via single setup/database. Furthermore, it is possible to force the whole system to use certain language via special URLs. For example, let's assume your help desk ID is 'montmartre' and normally you and your customers access the system via

This way HelpDesk Connect uses default language, that is English. If you serve mainly French speaking customers you may use another url to access your help desk:

The fourth level sub domain 'fr' explicitly instructs the system to use French. You may also use language specific email address such as

All tickets received to this address will be assigned 'fr' language attribute.

HelpDesk Connect maintains separate sets of customizable email and html templates for each language supported.

language subdomain support level
Danish da Core
Dutch nl Core
English en Full
French fr Partial
German de Core
Greek el Core
Italian it Core
Norwegian no Core
Portuguese pt Core
Russian ru Partial
Spanish es Partial
Swedish sv Core
Turkish tr Core

Language Support levels.

Core. The system recognizes language and uses proper character sets to generate html pages and send email messages. No dictionaries and default templates defined, thus all messages are in English and default templates are in English.

Partial. Same as Core plus all dictionaries to cover all pages and messages shown to customers. An operator side interface is mostly English based.

Full. Complete dictionaries. All pages and messages are translated.

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